Lab Process

Lab Process

10 step opartion process.

For succeful completion, our 10 step opartion process starts with sopicticated software connected all system stages together.

Weight each diamond and provide ID number. This number will be the certificate number in the future.

Measuring each diamond by using the most acurate system.

Measuring Each Diamond With Light Preformence System.

Type Classification System Using Ftir This Stage The Gemologist Seprate The Suspicious Diamonds For Hpht Treatment,simulant Or Lab Grown Diamonds.

Grading Color And Clarity By Gemologist And Sarin Color Grading Machine.

For Any Suspicious Diamond For Treatment,origin,origin Of Color We Use Raman, Uv-vis,diamond View.

UV-VIS SYSTEM.The main system using to identify origin of color in fancy color diamonds.

RAMAN SPECTROMETER.Using to identify suspicious stones for hpht color treatment and lab grown diamond identification.

DIAMOND VIEW.Help to identify lab grown diamonds