Registration As soon as a diamond is submitted to EGIL laboratory, it is weight  and then assigned with an identification number. This identification number will be the  grading report number in the end of the procces.

Each diamond is scanned by FTIR SPECTROMETER to insure it is a diamond and if need referal testing for synthetic or HPHT treatment.

Measuring the diamond by themost accurate  system for proportion and for  light prefomence diagram.

Clarity Graded- using 10X magnification loupe  to determine its clarity grade based on the number, type, position and size of the clarity inclusions displayed on the stone. each diamond double check by second opinion.

Cut Grading,Polish and Symetry graded by 10x loupe and microscop.

Color Grade- Each diamond  is graded by at least two gemologists in a controlled gemological environment. D to M,light or fancy color.

Plotting and testing under Microscop using sophicticated softwear.

Laser Inscription identification number inscribed on the girdle. The inscription number is the same as the ID number on the diamond grading report. the laser inscription photo shown in the grading report as well.